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The house is located in the center of old town of Sozopol, on a quiet street just 30 meters from the beach, sea garden, mail, and many of the sights of the city. It was built in the typical for this part of ancient style, but at the same time all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay and relaxing holiday.
The guests will have 2 separate suites, each located on a separate floor.

Apartments and Prices

"Sozopol house - Dimitrov has two suites, each located on a separate floor.

Apartment 1:

Apartment 1 is located on the first floor, comfortable accommodation for four people or 2 +2
Has: bedroom, living room with sofa dvumatrakov couch, bathroom (bath + WC), balcony, air conditioning, cable TV, Internet, fridge, coffee machine.


Apartment 2:

Apartment 2 is located on the second floor convenient to accommodate three people or 2 +1
Has: bedroom, living room with kitchenette, bathroom (bath + WC), balcony, air conditioning, cable TV, Internet, fridge, coffee machine.


* For additional comfort to its guests' Sozopol house - Dimitrov out daily cleaning of the apartments.



period Apartment 1 Apartment 2
May & October
20 15
June & September
30 25
July & August
40 35


Map of paros

"Sozopol house - Dimitrovi is located in the old town of Sozopol to the post of Cyril and Methodius Street 9.


About Sozopol

Sozopol is the oldest city on the Bulgarian coast. Emerged as a Thracian settlement in ХІІв.пр.н.е XIII. Millet colonized by Greeks in 610g.pr.n.e., the town was called Apollonia Pontica - in honor of their consideration and patron God - Apollo. Thanks to its strategic location Apollonia quickly became a prosperous city-state. The town was named Sozopol (City of Salvation), keeping track of the centuries millennia history of the Black Sea coast. Sozopol has a very coast, covering lengths between Atia and Maslen Cape and plane to the south gradually moved into the hills of Strandzha - unique natural beauty, climate, flora and fauna. Sozopol town is one of the cultural centers of national importance. Ongoing annual Festival of Arts "Apolonia" represent a unique festival of Bulgarian contemporary art of all genres and forms. The festival fits naturally in the atmosphere of the city and creates a unique romance in it. Today Sozopol is one of the tourist centers of the country gathered in the romance of the old town and the dynamics of today. On the one hand warm cobblestone streets, artists, sound of sea and song of the night wind, the other - beautiful and modern hotels, boarding and private family rooms, marine recreation, youth discos and laughter. The pleasant atmosphere is complemented by the attractive cafes and restaurants along the beach, offering famous Sozopol fish specialties.

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If you have questions for us not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Тел: +359 550 23023
Mibile: +359 898 554 873
Mobile: +359 889 920 474
e-mail: sozopol_house@abv.bg
skype: sozopolhouse

Our address is:
St. Cyril and Methodius 9

A reservation deposit of 20% is required to confirm your reservation

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Zdravko Atanasov Dimitrov